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Hash Brownie Points

My inability to start a popular Twitter hashtag game is reaching near-legendary status.

This may be, in part, due to the relatively low number of followers my obscurity generates, coupled with the fact that at least half of them are quite likely not to be real people at all. And celebrity Tweeters don’t exactly leap on my playful hashtag suggestions with unalloyed glee.

It must be said that not everyone gets a chuckle from puns like Ibex You Look Good on the Dance Floor, but obviously I’m not doing it for those people; and therein lies the problem, of course.

Oddly enough, no matter how many puns I post about rude confectionary, bestial perversions or musical elder gods the actual number of people following me hardly varies. You’d think that an endless stream of cheap nob gags would be enough to put anyone off, but apparently such is not the case. Nonetheless, the Web-spanning hashtag game phenomenon of my dreams remains tantalisingly elusive… and pointless.

#faunafetish #naughtysweets #cthulhupop

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