Spring Break

Not standard on all models...

The gentle snapping crunch, accompanied as it was by a slow sagging to the right, was enough to tell me that the spring on my bike saddle had just broken. Again.

Manchester’s roads are, on the whole, bloody awful – if they ever need to fake a video feed from the Mars rovers they could just set up a camera here and point it at the potholes – but my commute is generally level and I don’t launch myself recklessly, or even with reck, off kerbs and over obstacles, so it’s more than a little disappointing to have a supposedly heavy-duty item like a saddle spring fail during a slow, smooth ride. When this happened last year the manufacturer, Brooks, fitted a new spring, apparently newly crafted to solve a design flaw in this particular saddle which historically had both rear springs twisting in the same direction and was prone to failure. I can’t fault their customer service, at least.

This time the B33 saddle (which, for the curious, looks very much like this) is going back for a replacement rather than repair. After enquiring about alternatives I’ve been offered the even more sofa-like B190 (this wide boy here); no saddle like a razor blade for this commuter, no indeed. And if you recall that advert you’re probably as old as I am. The “stranded rear coil springs” haven’t actually left me stranded yet, but breaking twice in under two years has left me wary of them.

In the meantime I’ve pinched the saddle from Emma’s bike and fitted it temporarily to The Vicar. I’m sure she won’t mind.

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